Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm lovin' it!

I'm lovin these cheeks!  They are just so squishy and kissable!  
(Notice what he's been working on lately...the double chin!)

I'm lovin this girl!  She is just so fun!  
(And she LOVES to put chapstick on!)

I'm lovin' my most recent project...finishing Lawson's room:
 I'm lovin the way this name project turned out!

 Shout out to Rachel and Amanda for helping me with a few projects when they were here! 
We had fun doing a little painting and hanging things up on the wall!  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The last five weeks...mostly in pictures

These last five weeks have gone by fairly quickly, but I have really tried to savor every moment and not let the little things pass me by.  I have loved snuggling my little boy and just enjoyed having a newborn in the house.  Sure I don't get as much sleep as I did just a month or two ago, but I know these sweet moments will be gone too soon, so I try not to dwell on being tired.

Lawson is such a good baby!  Lillia loves him dearly and often asks to hold him and kiss him.  She loves it when his eyes are open and always asks "Where'd his eyes go?" when he closes them!  She sits beside me to read books when Lawson is nursing, so we've memorized quite a few books in the past few weeks!  :)

About a week old. 

Uncle Brian came to visit

 Rachel and Amanda came to visit!  Bummer, no pics with Amanda!  :(

 Grampa and Gramma Packer with their TWO grandkids!

 One afternoon right after naps....we may have stayed in our jammies all day!  :)  
That happens occasionally...

 Made a trip to Omaha to visit the Fischers

One of my favorite things.....the first smiles from a sweet baby!