Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cozy Car Caddy

I recently dusted the cobwebs off my sewing machine and got to work on a birthday gift for a little guy who just turned one.  I wanted to make something, but didn't know what, so I did what any gal would do...I googled!  (And I went on pinterest, but the google seach is what ultimately lead me to my creation)  The Cozy Car Caddy was a perfect fit for what I was wanting to make (and for my sewing skill level).  I figured it was something mom could throw in her purse and have available when out to eat or waiting at an appointment and baby boy needed something to keep him occupied.  Now I know a one year old won't be driving his hot wheels on the little road now, but just give it time...this little car pocket will come in handy!

This is the original link
I followed it fairly closely, but made some changes here and there and ultimately ended up with this....

 Isn't it cute?  :) 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Camp for Lillia

Lillia just spent the past week at Grammy and Papa Camp in Omaha!  What started out as a joke, turned into Lillia staying a whole week with her grandparents...and I tell you what, she had the time of her life!  Without a little brother around who naps three times a day, she was able to be out on the town!

The events of the week included, but were not limited to...
-A trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo
-A trip to Barnes and Noble, complete with a frozen strawberry lemonade from their cafe!
-Swimming in the backyard
-Walks with the dog, Bro
-Walks to the park
-Reading COUNTLESS books
-Eating ice cream after almost every meal ;)
-A trip to Cabela's
-Eating out a few times
-A long road trip to Kearney and Holdrege
-And much, much more!

I don't think Lillia really missed Brandon or I...but I think she certainly missed Lawson!  :)  She was so happy to see him!  You can judge for yourself how he felt about seeing her.....

So what did we do for a week without Lillia?  Well, we stayed home and got some things done!  The house stayed clean, not having to pick up after a two year old...which allowed me to get some deep-cleaning projects finished up as well as get my craft on!  We worked on our landscaping quite a bit and are now ready for the "finishing touch"....rock. 

Thanks, grammy and papa, for having Lillia for the week!  I know she had so much fun!  I hope we can continue this and make it into a tradition as it was good for all of us!  Hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet!  Next time maybe Lawson will be ready to come too! ;)

Six Months Old!

Our Lawson boy is 6 months old! 


He's chubby and delicious!  He's the happiest baby!  We love him so much around here!  He gets around by rolling all over.  And although he's pretty good at sitting up, he gets so excited easily and throws himself we've got some work to do in that area.  No teeth yet, and that's fine by momma!  :)  He is really making lots more noises these days, squealing and fun to listen to!  (Except when he's supposed to be going to sleep and he's just cracking himself up in bed!) 

Happy 6 Month Birthday Lawson!  :)  What a joy you are!