Monday, June 20, 2011

Picture This

Took a few more shots of the house when it was all spick and span after mom and gramma helped to clean it up!

I still have more decorating and projects I would like to know, always a work in progress!  But since our garage door decided it didn't want to work anymore little decorating projects are going to have to wait!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


The Fischers LOVE having visitors!  And this week we were blessed not once, not twice, but three times with guests!

John and Lindsay, some college friends came for the night on Tuesday before catching an EARLY flight Wednesday morning to Atlanta for a conference.  We had fun visiting for a bit before I had to go to bed (darn ol' "morning sickness")!

Then Wednesday afternoon my mom and gramma arrived and stayed through Friday!  We enjoyed lots of shopping, eating yummy food, lounging a little and attempting to decorate (or redecorate) the house.  My mom was a saint and cleaned a few bathrooms!  Thanks for being such a hard worker mom!  And both ladies helped keeping up with housework by folding laundry, doing dishes, sweeping.......the list goes on.

Their trip was not complete without a visit to the local frozen yogurt shop!  Everyone loved it!  Lillia even got to stay up late and join us for this treat!

I wish I would have documented their trip more in pictures....I'll have to do better next time! 
What visit from gramma is complete without a little present?  A new dress and bottles for the baby doll!

Four Generations

Lillia and her "mana"

Thanks for coming to visit!  Come back again soon!  We miss you already!

And lastly, Jesse, Rachel, Taylor, and Amanda came to visit for the weekend!  They arrived on Friday evening and headed for home on Sunday morning.  The boys went to Worlds of Fun for most of the day on Saturday while the girls enjoyed a relaxing day at home.  We went to the pool for a few hours in the morning, came home and made lunch, put Lillia down for a nap, watched a movie and just vegged!  Loved it!  Once the boys were home we all made dinner together, went back to the pool for a while and then, of course, had to venture to get some frozen yogurt!  :)  A movie ended our night on Saturday and Sunday morning we enjoyed a late brunch before the clan headed back to Huxley.

Thanks so much for making the trek down to see us!  We loved having you and hope you come again soon....ladies we need to get some shopping in next time!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Picture This

In preparation for a few visitors this week, we got some more things done around the house.  I am not done working in all the rooms, but here's a sampling of what we've been working on.......

The guest room at the Fischer B&B is up and running!  Come stay the night with us!

The guest bathroom is all set as well!

And here is the formal dining space.  I would like to paint the table and chairs black or a dark charcoal or something.  What do you think?  And I think a large vase with an arrangement of some sort would be perfect in the corner?
Well, there you have it.  Just a few pictures of the new house Fischer Bed and Breakfast coming together!  Stay tuned for more "Picture This" moments! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My New Favorite!

If you come to visit us, you won't leave without experiencing my new FAVORITE summer spot.....Green Apple Self Serve Frozen Yogurt!  This stuff is absolutely divine!  The atmosphere is fun and trendy and the employees were so helpful and enthusiastic.  There is a wall of about 20 different flavors and practically 100 different toppings.  You grab a dish, fill it up, top it off and pay by the ounce.  I tried a few flavors before settling on sweet coconut.  How refreshing for summer!  I'm wanting to go back and get some of their Pomegranate Sorbet!

Please come visit me soon so I can take you to experience this delicious treat!  :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Greetings from Olathe!

My house is a DISASTER!  I should be washing dishes, cleaning up from lunch, putting away laundry, folding laundry, dusting, organizing the storage closet, deciding where all the things that I have unpacked from ten thousand boxes are going to go.......but instead I sit here at my computer, writing my first blog post from Olathe!

We moved about two weeks ago.  And the day our stuff was getting loaded into a truck, was the day we sold our house in Huxley!  What an answer to prayer!  I'm excited for the buyers and the hope they find themselves right at home in Huxley, just like we did!

Lillia is doing well!  She's busy exploring the new house, opening all the cupboards and cabinets to discover just what was put away.  Her FAVORITE thing about this move?  The neighborhood pool just down the street.  We traveled there about 3 times this week and let me tell you, this girl is a fisch!  ;)  I put her in the wagon with her floaty and whatever else we're taking with us that day and she happily rides, sporting her sunglasses, knowing exactly where we're going.  So, whenever you come visit us, be sure to bring your suit!  Lillia would love to show you the pool!

Brandon is liking his work and I am liking that fact that work is just 5-10 minutes away!  (Unlike 40 when we lived in Huxley.)  We try to work on a few house chores each night when he comes home, but mostly we just hang as a family or go on a walk in the evenings.

I miss our friends and family back "home."  I am starting to learn my way around.....especially to Super Target and to the local self-serve frozen yogurt shop (which is the best thing you can eat with a spoon!)!   I would love to have visitors....and actually have a few weekends booked already at the Fischer B&B! 

Unfortunately, I have taken about two pictures since we've moved.  So, I'll get on that!  For now, I'll leave you with the one picture I took of the house on moving day...

Once I get more things put away, etc. I will be sure to add some pictures of the new digs.....and that will require me to get up from the computer and get some work done!

Until next time!