Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Random Thoughts

A few thoughts in my head today....

-How many times will I get spit up on before I change my shirt?  (The count was 4+)  I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted to hug me today....and I made sure I just didn't turn over my right shoulder, otherwise I would have caught a wif of my new "perfume"

-Do any other moms out there start to despise the "S" word?  SNACK.  Five minutes after finishing breakfast and the kids are asking when or what they can have for snack.  As soon as they get up from naps....can they have a snack?  Seriously...I get tired of hearing that word!

-The post-baby hair loss has begun.  I think I'm going to be bald before summer! 

-I have a hard time putting my baby down when he is awake!  I just LOVE making him smile and coo!  He's so happy!  Which means I also don't get my housework done when he is awake....but I'm ok with that as long as visitors can look past dishes that need to be loaded into the dishwasher or mountains of laundry that need to be folded!

-Long nails are a nice tool for reaching a crusty inside a tiny nostril that the kleenex or sucker just can't get!

-Finding a GOOD children's Bible is hard to do.  I don't mind the Jesus Storybook Bible, but all the story add-ins just aren't my favorite.  Anyone have a recommendation for a children's bible?  I have done some looking and haven't been impressed with anything that I've seen so far.

-Going shopping towards the end of the month is quite a game....I have to get creative with meal planning and get the groceries I want/need without going over budget!

-I like decorating, but get stuck in "matchy" mode....I want to learn how to put different colors and patterns together and have it all fit and flow

-Are fake plants a thumbs up or thumbs down when it comes to decorating the home?

And so this isn't a totally boring's a couple pics of the kids on Easter....