Thursday, January 30, 2014

Leyton Tyler Fischer

A sweet baby boy was born into our lives on January 22 at 11:09pm!  We were surprised at how quickly he I was in labor less than 3 hours!  The midwife didn't even have time to get her gloves...her first bare-handed catch!  And as she said, he came down the slide too fast as he had some bruising on his face.  But that's all cleared up now and today (yesterday, since I posted this a day late) we celebrated his 1-week birthday!  :)
Leyton Tyler       6lbs 7oz       19in      11:09pm  January 22, 2014
A little about his name....we had debated a lot about continuing with the "L" theme.  We didn't plan on having all our children's names start with the same letter, it just so happened that way.  So, after much discussion, we decided that if there was a name that we really liked that started with an L then we would stick with it.  Well, it just so happened that I really like the name Leyton.  I thought it was fairly unique and just simply loved the sound of it.  In my pregnancy with Lawson, we joked that we really wanted him to come "late-in" December, as he was due January 3.  So, we (or more-so I) would call him LateIn.  Well, that name started to grow on me....and by the time Lawson was born, I tucked the name away for safe keeping should we have another boy.  Fast forward two years, and here we are, with another boy and a name that we wanted to start with L.  Bingo.  Leyton was perfect!  Although we talked about A LOT of other names that didn't start with L, I just kept coming back to Leyton.  So, it was settled.  Leyton it was.  And since I picked the first name, Brandon got to pick the second name.  (I have picked all the first names of our kids, and he has picked all the middle names!)  He's always liked the name Tyler and it went well with Leyton.  So there you have it.  And since we wanted it to be enough different from Lawson, we decided to spell it with an "E" rather than an "A".

Both big kids love him dearly and are always asking where he is, to hold him, or kiss him.  And if he makes any noise they are quick to tell me that he needs to eat!

First sponge bath

He is a perfect addition to our family!  Our hearts couldn't be more filled with joy!

The Fischer Five

Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lawson!

Lawson turned 2 on January 1!

It was fun to reminisce about about what we were doing on New Years Eve just two years ago!  My friend in Kansas City left her party in order to come over to our house while Brandon and I headed to the hospital.  Meanwhile, my mom left her party in Ames and was driving the 3 1/2 hours south while the ball dropped.  And my midwife, well, she got the call after finishing a delicious glass of wine and got to stay at her party as she wouldn't be attending this birth!  ;)

This year we celebrated Lawson's birthday in Ames and in Omaha.  He loved telling people how old he was going to be and when his birthday was!

Once home, we had a very low key birthday for him...but at least we put the birthday tablecloth on!

Happy Birthday Lawson Conry!  You bring us so much joy!  We love you more than you can ever know!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Christmas Vacation

 We had a nice long Christmas Vacation!  Brandon had a good amount of time off work and we took full advantage of it!  We traveled to Ames and Omaha and were gone for a good nine days.  And once home we got to enjoy about 5 more days of all being home together!  It was glorious!

Lillia and Lawson trying out the air mattress....had to see if it still held air before packing it didn't!
After breakfast snuggles and book reading
The first big snow of the year...notice the size of Lawson's shovel....he was a BIG help!
Helping dad clear the driveway
The best we could get of the two of them for the yearly picture update for the grandparents

On our way from Ames to Omaha

Check out all the stuff in the back....good thing we didn't have a baby yet, there wouldn't have been room for him!  ;)

Kiddos in their Christmas duds....

Back home after our travels...this is how Lawson rides the horsey! 

And check out this big girl!  She's eating snack while playing a game on PBS Kids.  Doesn't she look so big?!

We had a great time visiting our family and friends in Ames and Omaha for one last hoorah before baby arrives.  We also had fun celebrating Lawson's 2nd Birthday!  We tried to have separate gift openings for birthday and Christmas, but he'll have to get used to getting all his gifts at one time of year instead of having it a little more spread out!

We're settled back in at home and just enjoying doing things as a family of four before baby decides to come.  We're ready to meet him!  The to-do list before baby comes has almost everything crossed off, so now it's just a wait and see game!  I will try to do a little birthday post for Lawson, and then after that, the next one should be of baby's arrival!  :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Finishing Touches

Here's the outcome of our home for Christmas.....

We got to enjoy it for a couple weeks before once again hitting the road for about nine days to celebrate Christmas with our friends and family in Ames and Omaha.

I left our decorations up this year until a little over a week into January, just so we could enjoy the festiveness a little longer.  Then, once they were taken down the house felt bare! 

From Fall to Winter!

Well, this post was started a month ago and never got finished....

It doesn't seem possible that 5 weeks have gone by since my last post.  Wasn't it just yesterday that I was posting about fall, and dreaming about all things pumpkin?!

Now it's onto the season of twinkling lights and all things peppermint!  Mmmmm, yummy!

So, quick recap of our past 5 weeks.....

Lillia loved riding her bike in the garage.  That way she could practice, I could be in the house making lunch, and we both got something accomplished!  :)

I turned 30!  Whoa!  My big celebration will be happening down the road, when I can actually toast with a glass of wine or margarita!  :)  We had guests the weekend of my birthday and enjoyed spending time with them!

Brandon buzzed Lawson's hair.  I'm glad it's grown out a little bit!  I think it's too cute when it's "spiked!"

We were gone for nine days over the Thanksgiving holiday!  We had a great time in Omaha and Ames visiting friends and family!

Lillia and Lawson with their Great-Grandparents

And these past few weeks we've been busy preparing for, decorating, wrapping, watching it snow, etc!

I am 34 weeks pregnant and will soon be preparing for baby...washing up clothes and blankets, making sure we actually have some newborn diapers in the house, and doing what Brandon thinks is already in full swing, nesting!  Although, I don't have a picture update for this!