Friday, November 11, 2011

Cuts and Curls

I have really STRAIGHT body to it really.  So I figured my kids were doomed to have straight hair just like me. 

Well, to my surprise, Lillia has a little bit of curl to her hair!  I love to put a little product in it and watch it curl up!  :)

This was the last picture I got before Lillia went in for her first haircut!  She did well once we got her in the chair and distracted by all the suckers, of which she could pick one, when she was all done!

Lillia even got to put product in her hair, which she was excited about!  Thankfully, her hair still curls up in the back and the little trim is just what she needed!

After a successful haircut, we were off to Target to do a little shopping and get some popcorn and lemonade!  Who can pass up a $1.50 combo with free refills?  Not our family!  What a tasty treat!

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