Wednesday, March 28, 2012

On this day.....

I recently put together a digital photo book as Lillia's baby book and had so much fun looking back at all her pictures!

I decided why not do a little "On this day..." post every once in awhile?!  Or perhaps simply post some "blast from the past" photos, whether it happens to be the same date or not?  Well, today I happen to have pictures that were taken on March 28th, two years ago!

March 28, 2010
Lillia tried rice cereal for the first time!

 She was almost 6 months old.  Any resemblance to Lawson?  :)  After helping dad feed her, looks like she got to take a little ride on an airplane.  I remember her being such a happy baby! 
Two weeks after these pictures, at Lillia's 6 month appointment, she measured over 27 inches long and weighed 17lbs 9oz.  I think Lawson will outweigh her for sure by the time he's 6 months old!

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