Monday, April 23, 2012

My New Ride

When my family arrived this weekend, they showed up with a surprise!  A new (to me) bike!  

Last year I bought a bike trailer at a garage sale.  It also has a handle bar and wheels on the front so it can act like a stroller.  Well, I bought it with the idea that both Brandon and I would be getting bikes later in the year.  That actually never happened.  So, even though we used the bike trailer as a stroller sometimes, I decided maybe I would sell it at my upcoming garage sale and get a nicer double stroller instead.  Not anymore!  After the fun surprise, I now have a bike to attach the trailer to.  And Lillia LOVES it!  Now we need to get bike helmets and we'll be all set!  :)

Thanks mom and dad for the new (to me!) bike!  :)

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