Saturday, June 9, 2012

Loooong Overdue!

We've been busy coming and going the past 4 weeks!  We celebrated my youngest sister's highschool graduation (two weekends in a row!), enjoyed a long holiday weekend in Omaha over Memorial Day, and then traveled back to Ames for 3 days as Brandon has business in town (well, DSM).  And now this weekend we are hosting some family from Nebraska (Brandon's brother and his girlfriend). 

So, that's been the comings and goings of the family....What else have we been up to?

Lawson has been busy finding his toes and rolling over!  He's working hard on learning to sit up unsupported and FINALLY giggled for us!  And let me tell you, his giggles are too cute!

Lillia is just a sweet two year old...well, mostly sweet....  She was able to do lots of fun things on our travels, such as (but not limited to) swimming, take a trip to Reiman gardens, go shoppping, and go to parties!  She loves reading books, watering flowers, and playing with all my ThirtyOne stuff!

Speaking of ThirtyOne......I am a new consultant!  I know, I never thought I would do something like this either, but I LOVE their products and thought other people would love them too!  So, if you're ever needing a great gift idea or a cute bag or some organizational help for your home or life, you know who to call!  :)  My personal website is a work in progress, but here's the link...

The rest of our summer calendar has a few things on it, but we would love to fill it up more!  Let us know when you want to come visit and we'll treat you to a good time!

And now for a few pictures to recap our past month.....

 My package of goodies!  Lovin' me some Thirty-One!

 Skyping....a new favorite thing!

 This is how Lillia road trips!

 Sweet curly-haired girl!

 Happy Graduation Carrie!

Happy Boy!

Sitting with uncle Bri during our Omaha visit

 Hangin' outside while Lillia swims in the little pool

Don't you love the "pool toys"   :)

 Going for a dip in the neighborhood pool

She's a fisch!  LOVES the water!  (Even when it's super cold!)

 Eating lunch in gramma and grampa's new camper

 They don't look much alike do they?  ;)

 Loving the jumparoo!

 See, found the toes!  :)  Don't you love the rolls?!

 Reiman Gardens 

Reiman Gardens

 Reiman Gardens

Reiman Gardens

And on our final trip home from all our travels!  
This was way past her bedtime, but she was still such a happy traveler!

Oh, and in the midst of all our fun and busyness, our little boy turned 5 months old!  :)  
Here he is, post bath, sporting a mohawk!

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