Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Camp for Lillia

Lillia just spent the past week at Grammy and Papa Camp in Omaha!  What started out as a joke, turned into Lillia staying a whole week with her grandparents...and I tell you what, she had the time of her life!  Without a little brother around who naps three times a day, she was able to be out on the town!

The events of the week included, but were not limited to...
-A trip to the Henry Doorly Zoo
-A trip to Barnes and Noble, complete with a frozen strawberry lemonade from their cafe!
-Swimming in the backyard
-Walks with the dog, Bro
-Walks to the park
-Reading COUNTLESS books
-Eating ice cream after almost every meal ;)
-A trip to Cabela's
-Eating out a few times
-A long road trip to Kearney and Holdrege
-And much, much more!

I don't think Lillia really missed Brandon or I...but I think she certainly missed Lawson!  :)  She was so happy to see him!  You can judge for yourself how he felt about seeing her.....

So what did we do for a week without Lillia?  Well, we stayed home and got some things done!  The house stayed clean, not having to pick up after a two year old...which allowed me to get some deep-cleaning projects finished up as well as get my craft on!  We worked on our landscaping quite a bit and are now ready for the "finishing touch"....rock. 

Thanks, grammy and papa, for having Lillia for the week!  I know she had so much fun!  I hope we can continue this and make it into a tradition as it was good for all of us!  Hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet!  Next time maybe Lawson will be ready to come too! ;)

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