Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Life As A Fisch

Has it really been A MONTH since I last posted?!  Wowza!  Sorry 'bout that!  We've had a busy month!  And I just downloaded all the pictures from my camera since July 4 and there were 395 of them!

Here's a picture update/highlights of our past month.....

-A few pictures from July 4th.  Thanks Aunt Diane for the Patriotic Gear!

-The second week in July Brandon and I packed up the kids and with a full van set out on a week long journey through Nebraska to see family.  We were able to see many folks we missed during the holidays as we awaited Lawson's arrival.  We even got to see a few familiar faces from Ames when we traveled through Kearney!  And we met a new (second) cousin, baby Erin.

-Our tour through Nebraska took us to Grand Island where we spend an afternoon at Island Oasis Water Park.  We all had a lot of fun!  :)
-Once in Omaha, we took Lillia to the zoo and met up with some friends from Iowa.  It was a hot day, but we had a good time!  Thanks for joining us Varghese!  And thanks for taking a "chance" on Jason's Deli! :)

-After arriving home, our house began undergoing some reconstructive surgery!  We got a new roof, new gutters, a radon system, rock to finish the landscaping, and now currently the house is being painted! 

-We hosted a Salt Company event at the end of July and enjoyed our time with the Antelmans and the Clines!  Even got to have a night with no kids!  Thanks Katie S!  ;)

-VBS week came and went and was a huge success!  I helped coordinate it this year at our new church Westbrooke.  We had over 80 kids attend and we were only planning on 75 at the max!  Lillia, Lawson and I were pretty pooped after each day, but it was worth it!

-This past weekend was my 10 year highschool reunion.  I enjoyed reconnecting with high school friends and seeing a few other friends while in Ames!  Other highlights of going to Ames this weekend was attending a baby shower and eating at El Azteca!

-And now, finally we are back home, getting back to our "normal routine" only to have that change because the big news in the Fischer household is.....we are working toward only having one kid in diapers!  (Did I have you guessing something else?!) Lillia is potty training this week and so far, so good!

-August 1 Lawson Lightyear turned 7 months old!  Here's my trick for helping him work on sitting up!  If I just set him up on the floor he doesn't stay!  He wants to be on the move!  So if I put him in a laundry basket with a few toys he will stay, and when he tips a little, he can set back up and strengthen all those muscles (and I don't have to go sit him back up!)

Well, there you have it!  An update on the Fischers!

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  1. FINALLY! I have been waiting to see Lawson Lightyear for so long! He is too cute :)