Friday, February 22, 2013

Caught in the Act

Aha!  I was about to catch her in the act.

My three year old that is.

She had been in her room for nap time for about 20 minutes when I heard noises coming from upstairs.  It sounded like she had just gotten out of her bed and that is a no-no at our house.

Hearing the noises on the floor multiple times, I bolted up the stairs, thinking I was going to catch her in the act of doing whatever she was doing.  (There have been other times when I didn't go so quickly and she was miraculously back in her bed with about 5 more stuffed animals than she started with).  So today, that wasn't going to happen.

I raced into her room about ready to ask her what she was doing, but the little turkey had already managed to get back in her bed....with the covers on just as they were when I left the room....and her eyes were closed....and she wasn't giggling or trying to pretend she was asleep....she was actually asleep.  WHAT?  I had just heard her get out of her bed?....

Then, the noises of banging on the floor came again....and they weren't from her room.

I kissed her, quietly closed her door and opened the door across the hall.

Aha!  The quiet little boy I thought was asleep was actually reaching through his crib and grabbing the rocking chair and pulling with all his strength, making the chair tip a little and clank on the floor back into place. 

He sure fooled me!  I ran upstairs to reprimand his sister and ended up rearranging his room instead!

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