Thursday, October 24, 2013

A First....

Well previously I had posted that we experienced a "first" when Brandon's family was here and I was going to save that story for another day...

Friday morning Brandon's brother Brian and his girlfriend Megan were here.  The kids and I had just finished breakfast and I had just changed Lawson's diaper.  Knowing the trash truck was coming soon, I asked Lillia to run the dirty diaper out the curb with the other garbage.  She happily took it out there for me and ran back inside to exclaim about her success.  With her feet going a little too fast, she tripped and fell in the living room, hitting her head on the soft, leather ottoman.  I thought she was fine, but there were instant tears.  And then blood.  LOTS of it.  I thought maybe she had a bloody nose or mouth...but it turns out she managed to cut her eye/eyebrow on the ONE TEENY TINY hinge that stuck out just slightly more than the others.  The ONLY non-soft spot on the whole ottoman.

So I quickly moved her from the carpet to the kitchen and grabbed a towel to try and start to control the bleeding (and if there were any blood drips they would end up in a place that was easy to clean up and not on our cream colored carpet).  Thankfully Lawson was reading books in the other room, so I wasn't worried about him walking into this mess.

After controlling the bleeding a bit, Lillia and I ran upstairs and yelled for Brian to help.  He was SOUND asleep, but once he came to the bedroom door he jumped into action to go be with Lawson while Lillia and I got some clothes on....because it was obvious, she was going to need some stitches.

Getting ready to leave for the docs office
Brandon met us at convenient care and we were quickly taken into an exam room.  After getting Lillia all cleaned up the doctor ended up gluing her injury (which I think was a better option than stitches, especially considering Lillia squirmed and cried just for the glue!) 

We left the office with a few stickers, a purple bandaid, and instructions to keep a bandaid on and not let the glue get super wet for the next week or so.

All patched up
It's been almost two weeks since our first trip to the doc for stitches (almost).  Lillia's cut is looking better and she got to go back to swimming lessons this week! 
A look at the healing injury

I'm thankful I didn't have any family pictures or 4 year pics scheduled!  :)

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