Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Lillia Paige Turns 3!

On October 3, Lillia Paige turned 3 years old!

Here she is right after getting her hair cut!  And yes, that's a fat lip....took a tumble at the farm.

The morning of her birthday I got a message that I needed to head to Ames as my friend's water broke, and I was her doula!  So after getting myself ready, I left Lillia a video Birthday message and headed out the door!  I don't think she was phased by the fact that I was gone....Brandon got her pizza for supper and took her to Ace Hardware for a package of gummy bears he had been promising!  She was one happy camper!  Ahh, the simplicities of birthdays when you're 3!

Anyway, we celebrated her birthday a week or so later at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City.  Both sides of the family came for the festivities....and we had a GREAT time!

Unfortunately, my camera lens kept fogging over while in the I took NO pictures of anyone going down water slides or enjoying the lazy river.  Bummer!

We enjoyed a Mexican Fiesta for supper (Lillia LOVES quesedillas and chips and salsa!)

And a Dulce de Leche Cake debuted as the Birthday Cake.

We had a blast celebrating Lillia's Golden Birthday!  Thanks to all the fam for making the trip and spoiling Lillia with some great gifts!  Should we do this every year?!  ;)

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