Monday, November 5, 2012

No use crying over spilled milk...

Unless of course the milk spilled all over the counter and down the side between the counter and the oven. 

And it wasn't just milk, it was a freshly prepared homemade caramel latte, just the way you like it.   

-And this sweet morning treat was the redeeming part of your morning after making a failed batch of pumpkin pancakes (how did that happen?)

-And then you tried to remedy the pancake mixture to be a waffle batter to put in the waffle iron, and instead of creating golden brown, fluffy waffles, the batter stuck to the top and the bottom of the waffle iron in a gloppy mess that you were going to clean up after indulging in said caramel goodness. 

-In the meantime your children (namely Lawson) are getting noisy because they are hungry and waiting to be fed the delicious pumpkin pancakes that you carefully made to be healthy and include all kinds of great nutritional ingredients. 

-So you cut up a banana to keep him happy and forget to pull up his sleeves as you bustle about and his sleeves look like mushed banana that you would be ready to put into a batter to create some delicious banana bread. 

-Trying to fix it all, you add more ingredients to your now crazy pumpkin concoction, pour some in the pan and PRAY that it turns into something that resembles a pancake.

-Somehow the batter in the pan turns out flippable, and you end up with something that resembles a pancake, but you would never, ever feed it to guests....only to your children.  (And even then it's questionable...)

-And as you flip the said "pancake" onto your daughters plate and sprinkle it with a little powdered sugar to hopefully cover-up everything that is wrong with it, your 3 year old says she doesn't want flour on top and instead asks for toast as she frowns at her plate.

Only then, would you be justified in possibly crying, or at least think about crying, over spilled milk.