Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Catching Up

Well, I've been dragging my feet with doing any posts because it seems as though I'm having the same problem as some of my blogging other friends as I can no longer post pictures on the blog.  I've used up my "free" space and now I need to figure out what I'm going to do next.  And let's be honest, posts just aren't as fun without pictures!

Well, here's just the top 5 happenings at our house this past month....

1. Celebrated my 29th birthday with friends and family in Ames!  I even got to eat at three of my favorite Ames restaurants...The Cafe, El Azteca, and Hickory Park!  I intend to live it up for this last year in my 20's! :)

2. We had visitors here the weekend before Thanksgiving.  My two sisters came to do a little shopping and enjoy a little weekend getaway.  We had fun eating out and being Molly's personal shoppers for the weekend!  Lawson and Lillia love spending time with their aunts!

3. Thanksgiving was spent enjoying time with both sides of the family.  We traveled to Ames to spend time with the Packers and even squeezed in a visit with the Lubbers and Miss Olivia, who shares a birthday with Lillia Paige!  Then we went to Omaha to hang out with the Fischers.  This year I ventured out at midnight to do some Black Friday shopping and see what all the fuss was about!  Brandon's Mom, Brett's girlfriend Caitlyn, and I stayed out till around 3:30am.  We had a jolly time together!

4. Our house is all decorated for Christmas.  Lillia and I had fun getting out all the Christmas decor and putting away the fall stuff.  She helped me with the tree and garland.  I've been busy crafting...making a wreath, stockings, and Christmas gifts!  Afternoon naps are when I go into full production mode!

5. Lawson turned 11 months old!  We will soon be planning a first birthday party!  He is busy crawling and cruising around the furniture.  I don't think we will have a walker before he turns one, and that is a-ok with me!  And so far he has been great about leaving the tree and other decorations alone!  What a good boy!  (And for those interested, he is getting tooth number left!)

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