Friday, March 22, 2013


Last weekend we had the JOY of hosting the Euken Family and Lubbers Family!  This is the second year everyone has come to KC for the Big 12 Tournament and we had a blast!  I hope this is a tradition we continue for years to come!  (And thankfully this time around a trip to the ER was not required.....)

Highlights of the weekend for the kids were bubble baths, walks to and playing at the park, backyard fun, reading LOTS of books, and playing duck duck goose with the dads!

Our days were busy taking care of 4 kiddos 3 years old and under, but we managed to sneak in some adult time too!  The dads went to the ISU game Friday night while the moms fed the kids and then put them to bed...and then enjoyed a yummy meal and drinks in quiet while the littles slept!

Saturday it was the moms' turn to enjoy some kid-free time....we went to one of my favorite eateries, SPIN Pizza, and then did some shopping!  Saturday night we made a nice meal and once again enjoyed it after the kids were all in bed!

Sadly, this is the ONLY picture I took all weekend! Can you believe that?!

Katie has a few more pictures and sums up the weekend over on her blog if you want to take a look...

We LOVED having both families here and can't wait till we can all be together again!  Thanks for making the trip here guys!

And just for's a glimpse at our gathering last year.....
 Lawson was just 2 months old

Here we are, about to indulge in some Pizzookie!

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