Monday, November 4, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

Here are the rest of the pictures I took of the house.  Some areas are still a work in progress.  We have lived in Champaign almost 3 months now.  Some days it feels like so much longer....other days it feels the opposite.  Our kids are starting to learn their way around town by the same routes we take.  They know when we're turning down the street to our house.  They know when we're turning down the street to Nate and Lina's house.  And they know what landmarks to look for on what roads.  It's cute.
Front Porch...I LOVE FALL

Office/Play Room

Formal Dining Room

Kids' Bathroom

Guest Room/Nursery in Progress (gonna hang those windows on the wall as a "headboard")

Master Bathroom

Master Bedroom

Kitchen (I'm wanting to paint those stools black.  Should I go for it?)

Lawson's Room (still a little bare!)

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  1. Totally paint kitchen stools! Might even be able to get away with spray paint-it's my favorite decorating tool these days-just did our ceiling fans :) xoxo Sara Robinson