Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life With Three

Leyton has been with us for 9 weeks now!  And everyone has transitioned pretty well to having a baby as a part of the family.  Getting things done takes a little longer now as there are more feedings, more diaper changes, more things to get together before leaving the house, more laundry, more people to get buckled into carseats, etc.  But that also means there are more snuggles, more hugs, more kisses, more cute baby clothes, more cute baby smiles, and more love to go around!

Leyton is a pretty happy baby who looks a lot like his brother!  He's got some red hair and I'm wondering if it will stay that way as he gets older.  He is a good eater and learning to be a better sleeper!  He gives us lots of smiles and is doing a lot of cooing these days.  His older siblings love him to pieces and are forever asking to see him and kiss him.  He is one loved little boy!

Lawson is a funny little guy!  He knows how to make people laugh and likes to do so!  He likes pushing a stool over to where I'm cooking and asks to help.  He loves tools and often asks Brandon if he can help fix something.  He just got a new tool bench with lots of tools and actually took his new hammer to sleep with him tonight!  He loves books and loves to eat!  He amazes us with new phrases when he exclaimed "Have Mercy" when he spilled some salt while "helping" me make supper!
This is where Lawson likes to sit and eat his snack!  And this day we stayed in our jammies all day!
Lillia is a sweet little 4 year old.  Her new favorite thing to do is play PBS Kids on the computer.  And her new favorite movie?  You guessed it...Frozen! (thanks Gramma!)  She is signed up to go to preschool in the fall and is excited about that.  She loves to help with Leyton and is a perfect stand-in to "read" books to Lawson when I just can't right then.  And she is most definitely daddy's little princess!
This picture is from Valentine's Day.  But it captures her personality so well!  :)
My mom came to town for her spring break and we got to take the kids bowling for the first time!  They loved it and were so fun to watch!  Take a look for yourself.....

Overall, life is really good with three kids!  However, and people told me this was true, the third baby is a game changer!  No more man to man defense, we're on zone and that can be hard at times!  But we wouldn't trade it.  Our home is full, but our hearts are fuller!

Outtake!  But I love that Leyton is actually looking at the camera!
Cheering on the Cyclones!

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