Thursday, September 18, 2014

Here we go again...

Well, once again, I'm playing catch up!  This is becoming my once-a-month blog!

Our last 6 weeks in pictures.....

 A sweet moment with Lillia and a now seven-month old Leyton!

 My sweet friend, Lina, moved away!  :(  We miss her dearly!  But I LOVED 
spending quality time with her as we packed countless boxes!  :)

 Lillia learned to cut strawberries!  She LOVES being my helper in the kitchen!

 This is how Lawson wanted to read books with dad....mmmm, so comfy!  ;)

 We attended the annual Champaign/Urbana Sweet Corn was a HOT evening! 
But we all had a good time! 

 Leyton is now crawling and pulling himself up on his knees!  He's a BUSY boy!

 Lillia had her first day of preschool on September 3!  She is loving it!

 The kids on a BEAUTIFUL fall day as we were getting ready to head to the park

 SuperLeyton!  He's got 4 teeth now!  And he continues to have run-ins with all the plants in the house!  
He tackles them every time!

Lillia had to get three staples in the back of her head after a collision with our tile floor.  
She got them out a few days ago and her wound is healing nicely.


And, no picture....but Brandon and I "celebrated" our 7th wedding anniversary on September 7.  And by celebrated I mean he was out of town and I was home with the kids.  So actually, my family celebrated my anniversary with him at El Azteca!

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