Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Lawson!

Just one year ago, I made a phone call to my mom on New Year's Eve.  She was just settling into a party with a drink in one hand and cards in the other.  Her party plans were about to change.

I was in labor.  And she was planning on driving to Kansas to stay with Lillia while we went to the hospital to have a baby.

So, last year, she rang in the new year in the car, on her way to Olathe!  And we rang in the new year one contraction at a time!  And just two hours into 2012 Lawson was born!

This year my mom once again was in the car on December 31, however this time it wasn't 9pm that she was starting her trip.  Instead at 9pm we were starting our party....once again with a drink in hand and cards in the other!

Lawson turned a year old on Tuesday and got to celebrate with his both sets of grandparents!  We started the day off right with Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!  And for lunch we treated him to one of his favorites, homemade pizza!  He had more fun opening his presents this time than he did at Christmas when he wasn't feeling well.  And finally he got to dive into his very own cupcake!

Brandon had hoped he could also celebrate with a Husker victory, but unfortunately neither the Huskers or the Cyclones could pull out a win this time around.  Either way, we did our best to have team spirit on their game days!

Happy Birthday Lawson!  What joy you bring to our lives daily!  We are so thankful God blessed us with you just one year ago!

New Hat, New Jammies, New One Year Old!

 New Years Eve with Grampa and Gramma

 Birthday Breakfast

 Opening presents with the help of Lillia

 Singing Happy Birthday!

Lawson driving his new firetruck while sporting some new clothes from Grammy and Papa

New Years Day with Grammy and Papa

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