Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our not so merry Christmas Vacation...

As the Friday before Christmas quickly approached, I was busy getting ready to leave our Kansas home for about 8 days to celebrate the holiday with our families in Nebraska and Iowa.  Little did I know our trip would not go quite like I planned.

Thursday Lawson started a runny nose and slight fever.  He was drooling like of course I thought he was getting teeth as those tend to be his symptoms when a tooth is coming in.  He was very clingy to mom, didn't eat well, and didn't sleep well on Thursday night. 

Friday morning he still had a slight fever, but was eating breakfast like normal, so we decided we would go ahead and pack up and head to Omaha as planned.  Well, by the time we were in the car and half way into our journey, it was clear that Lawson had something else going on other than teething.  After arriving in Omaha and unpacking the van, Lawson's fever was no longer a low grade.  He was hot to the touch and clearly very miserable.  Long story short, for the next few days Lawson did not feel well....he didn't eat much....he didn't sleep well...he only wanted to be held and would only sleep if he was held....and that ol' fever hung around.

We made the decision to go ahead and head to Ames for a whirlwind Christmas before coming back home to Kansas.

The night we returned home, Lawson slept for 9 hours, which was more than he had slept in almost a week.  And the following night he slept for 13 hours!  It was good to be home and he was getting the rest he needed!  And guess what?  On top of his illness, he did get another tooth!

Turns out he had roseola, a common childhood illness.  I remember Lillia having it once, too.  Nothing you can do for it really, other than to keep your child as comfortable as possible, which is exactly what we did.

 Poor baby boy.

 On the morning of Christmas Eve.

Due to the little guy not feeling well, I did not take many pictures as most of my time was spent holding/tending to the basement....away from all the action.  And after downloading all my pictures....turns out I didn't take ANY while we were in Ames.  Mom, Molly.....send me some!  :)

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  1. Is this weird…I totally think Cade and Lawson look alike in the PJ pic and the grandma pic. Right? Or maybe I just think they are both adorable! :)