Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Thoughts in my head today...

-My kids love when we have company....usually because I try to make a snack or treat to have on hand.  And when company leaves, that means they get to munch on the leftover goodies.  This week we've had some friends and family over and Lawson's favorite new word is cookie!  Now, we don't actually have any cookies...but he calls muffins, banana bread, brownies, bars, etc. "cookies"  Any mention of eating/food and Lawson runs to his chair and asks for "more cookie" please!

-Yesterday we went to the park because it was such a beautiful day.  I threw the kids in the bike trailer and rode (downhill all the way) to our neighborhood park.  I'm really out of shape, so the ride there was a Breeze!  Well after being there for a short time, Lawson was climbing on the equipment, missed a step and ended up hitting his head.  I ran up to him as quickly as I could, but it was too late.  He started crying, never took a breath in, and passed out.  Now, this isn't the first time this has happened, but it doesn't make it any easier when it does happen.  He came to and I told Lillia that we were going to head home.  Nothing like your kid passing out at the park to get your out-of-shape self to work it UP HILL ALL the way home.  As we made it to the house I thought I would pass out!

-Today I took the kids to the store as it's the first day of the new month, which means the grocery budget starts over and we can replenish what we've been out of for the past week!  ;)  (anybody else know what that's like?!)  So, we get to the checkout and all our items are in the reusable bags that I remembered to bring in this time, and I go to pay.  But guess what?  The thing I didn't remember to bring in this time was my wallet.  (I would rather remember to take my wallet than my bags!)  And it wasn't just in the car because it had fallen out.  No, it was at home because I had forgotten to put it back in my purse after cleaning it out earlier in the day.  So I loaded up the kids in the van, ran home and got the wallets, loaded the kids into the cart, went in and paid for my items, and loaded the kids back in the van, this time with the groceries.  And after all that, it was clearly not time to go home and make was time to go to Jason's Deli, where kids eat for 99cents on Wednesday nights!

-Lawson is 16 months old today.  WHAT?  And he can give a 16 year old a run for their money when it comes to how much he can eat.

-Lillia is planning on having ice cream at her next birthday party.  She also wants to buy a new hat for her birthday.  She decided these things while shopping the isles at Target.  I'm glad she asks for them for her birthday and doesn't ask me to buy her things NOW, every time we go to the store. 

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