Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our Christmas Vacation

 We had a nice long Christmas Vacation!  Brandon had a good amount of time off work and we took full advantage of it!  We traveled to Ames and Omaha and were gone for a good nine days.  And once home we got to enjoy about 5 more days of all being home together!  It was glorious!

Lillia and Lawson trying out the air mattress....had to see if it still held air before packing it didn't!
After breakfast snuggles and book reading
The first big snow of the year...notice the size of Lawson's shovel....he was a BIG help!
Helping dad clear the driveway
The best we could get of the two of them for the yearly picture update for the grandparents

On our way from Ames to Omaha

Check out all the stuff in the back....good thing we didn't have a baby yet, there wouldn't have been room for him!  ;)

Kiddos in their Christmas duds....

Back home after our travels...this is how Lawson rides the horsey! 

And check out this big girl!  She's eating snack while playing a game on PBS Kids.  Doesn't she look so big?!

We had a great time visiting our family and friends in Ames and Omaha for one last hoorah before baby arrives.  We also had fun celebrating Lawson's 2nd Birthday!  We tried to have separate gift openings for birthday and Christmas, but he'll have to get used to getting all his gifts at one time of year instead of having it a little more spread out!

We're settled back in at home and just enjoying doing things as a family of four before baby decides to come.  We're ready to meet him!  The to-do list before baby comes has almost everything crossed off, so now it's just a wait and see game!  I will try to do a little birthday post for Lawson, and then after that, the next one should be of baby's arrival!  :)

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