Sunday, September 18, 2011

Labor Day Weekend with the Varghese-Recap

We were thrilled to have the Varghese family make the trek down to KC to spend the weekend with us!  They arrived on Friday night and after a whirlwind, we had all 4 kids in bed and on their way to sleep!  The adults indulged in a little Triple Chocolate Trifle....wish I had a picture of Jacob and the dessert that delights his sweet tooth!  :)

Saturday morning we made a fun trip to Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead.  We didn't realize how hot it was before we left the house, so we only ended up staying an hour, but we all had a good time!

Aren't they cute?!  :)

One of the most enjoyable parts of the visit was when the kids got to bottle feed the goats......

Saturday afternoon almost everyone took a nap....except the moms who went shopping!  We ate dinner at On The Border.....yummy!  Have you ever had dinner with 4 kids 3 and under?  It was a sight, let me tell you!  Our time together came to an end early Sunday afternoon, but we were thankful for time we did get together!  Thanks, Varghese, for coming to visit us!  We loved having you and would love to have you back anytime!  Next time hopefully the pool will be open!  ;)

The best picture of the whole gang! :)

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