Friday, September 23, 2011

When you're out of peanuts....

Ok, so perhaps by now you know I LOVE FALL!  It's definitely my favorite season!  And what snack screams fall better than Candy Corn and Peanuts?  Mmmm, such a delicious little's hard not to eat the whole bowl by yourself!

So, the other day Lillia and I ran to Walgreens to grab an extra ingredient we needed for dinner.  And of course, there on the way to the checkout, was a huge display of candy corn!  So, needless to say, a bag ended up coming home with us.  My mouth was watering on the way home...I couldn't wait to mix it with some peanuts!  I opened the cupboard to grab the jar of peanuts I just knew we had......nope.  We were out.

Enter the State Fair!  Have any of you ever had a Cashew Nutroll at the Iowa State Fair?  Tasty little treat that I can't leave the fair without!  Anyways, if candy corn and peanuts are supposed to taste like a peanut nutroll, why not mix candy corn with cashews?  And why stop there when you have almonds in the cupboard?

Well, there you have it!  My new FAVORITE fall snack mix!  Cashews and almonds took it to a whole new level!  If only I could blame the disappearance of these pieces in the bowl on my husband, who happens to despise candy corn......


  1. Add in M&Ms, Reese's, and raisins to that mix, and it's even more delightful. :)
    Shoot. Now I need to go mix some up. :)

  2. Whenever I have candy corns with peanuts I think of you! :)

  3. I hear ya. I think I've singlehandedly consumed several bowls of that delicious treat this fall! Not so helpful with getting rid of baby weight ;) Hope you're doing well and having a great fall!!