Monday, September 19, 2011

Lillia Happenings

In just a few short weeks our little girl will turn 2!  I can't even believe it! 

She has been busy moving into a new room and allowing me to change and rearrange it till we finally got it finished up on Saturday!  She loves sleeping in a big bed and will show off her new room to anyone who comes over!
After watching daddy, she knew how to use the stud finder!
She was a big "help" working in her room

She currently LOVES Toy Story 3 and asks to watch it multiple times a day!  Her first words to me in the morning are "Morning mommy!  Movie please?"  And her favorite thing is to snuggle up with her blanket from gramma while watching the movie!

She is a GREAT helper with anything you ask her to help with.....dishes, picking up toys, laundry, etc.  I love her desire to help!

Helping to make apple crisp!

She now talks about her baby "brudder" all the time.  She asks to see him and wants to help feed him a bottle.  Hopefully this desire to be helpful will continue after he arrives!

She loves reading books, playing with her babies, doing puzzles, taking things in and out of bags/boxes....and one of her most favorite things is going on a walk!  Hope that continues when there is another passenger in the stroller!

Love our John Deere girl

Lillia is sure to keep you entertained!  Come over and see for yourself!  :)

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